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Stanlie Kee CD Package

Britt Alexander, a Santa Fe based producer/drummer, turned to Poster Boyz for the design of this Stanlie Kee CD package.  Britt was specific about wanting a design parody of The James Gang Rides Again album artwork.  He was also insistent that the finished product maintain the look and feel of an underground, "homemade" release.
We began with approximating the logo font, and manually adjusting the kerning between each letter.  Next, color photographs were converted to grayscale in addition to other subtle enhancements to give the images an aged, smoky effect.  Packaging was critical to the design intent, so we knew that the standard jewel case format would not be used.  Instead, we went with a Green Sleeve package.  Therefore, all credits and track information had to fit on the back cover while maintianing the layout.  For the CD face, a cool vintage "In Stereo" icon was created along with the clean basic white design of the overall package.  
The end result is carefully crafted nod to the James Gang Rides Again album while maintaining the style of Stanlie Kee.

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