Melinda Maria Elliot

Melinda Maria is a certified yoga teacher and body worker/therapist.  She wanted us to create two different pieces for her...a double sided biography page and a promotional flyer for her massage services.  


One thing about Santa Fe is the sheer number of folks doing exactly what Melinda does, so we wanted to help Melinda stand out.  We began with very calming colors on both pieces.  From there, we used high quality photography to communicate Melinda's level of professionalism.    The layout and fonts used accommodated the information without it seeming like a "long read".
After seeing many flyers for massage and yoga around town, I can say with great confidence that Melinda's promotional pieces do in fact stand above and beyond the competition.  A professional through and through, Melinda knows the value of her practice and communicating her professionalism through her promotional materials.

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