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Healing Through Horses Branding Suite

Santa Fe is known for it's eclectic array of alternative therapies, many involving spiritual retreats in and with nature. Healing Through Horses is definitely one of our favorites. Judith Schneider is a licensed Equine trainer who offers a one of a kind counseling and healing practice through gentle, guided training and retreats with horses.  


Judith wanted to create a more consistent brand across her business cards, rack cards, business card magnets, event flyers and website.  


Our job was not only to create consistency, but also to bridge the mystical nature of her work with Judith's professional credentials. We started with the gold and amber color pallet because these colors not only represent healing, but also prestige.  For warmth, we gravitated towards darker tones of these colors, which is carried over into all the pieces we designed for Judith.  We incorporated bright, colorful pictures of Judith in her work environment as well as an image of a Native American dream catcher.  Again, balancing the disarming nature of her work with the sacred aspect.  


We are very proud of the end results of this design job, and more importantly, so is Judith!

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