We know...it can be overwhelming to start from scratch.  We will work closely with you to create a look and feel that is perfect for your project.  We will bring to completion a promotional product, website or branding suite you can be proud of.



We start with You - your Style, your Personality, your Business

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Website Design

A few words from Daniel Link,

Creative Director

Feng Sheui Website Design

The first thing I do as your website designer is get to know you - intuit you, your style and business environment.  I will thoroughly evaluate your color palette to ensure the colors you’re using carry the energy of your business offerings and correctly communicate your professional services.  In other words, I make sure that your colors are in alignment with who you are and what you do.


My definition of Feng Sheui Website Design simply means organizing all the elements of your website in a functional way; thereby creating your online presence as a clear, “clutter free” and effective space for your site’s visitors. Additional design elements including easy navigation and intuitive content flow will ensure that your website’s visitors enjoy a satisfying and productive experience within your domain.

In addition, your new website will be optimized for Mobile & Devise browsing.

Leading Edge Industry Standards & Expert Implementation

Once we brainstorm all your keywords and meta tags, I will run your content through a keyword optimizer to refine your site's visibility and ranking on Google and other major search engines.  This important programming element will elegantly marry your design with robust, state of the art website development. Whether you’re looking for a simple, one page web presence or a website with multiple pages and levels, the end result will not only be a website you can be proud of, but a competitive domain that will drive your rankings and confidence level in search engines.

Client Empowerment

The number one issue I hear from the majority of all our new clients is the inability to update their content.  Most say that when they try to contact their previous webmaster, they can’t get an immediate response, or worse, their website designer has “disappeared” off the face of the planet.  This is bad.  This is very bad. 


As a Certified Website Designer with WIX.com, access to your website is as easy as knowing your username and passcode.  I work exclusively through the WIX platform which means I don’t hold the keys to access the editing capabilities of your website – you do!  Once your unique user account is setup, I will go into the editing manager and design your website template from scratch, add all the functionality and publish your site online.  But once I’m finished, you have the choice of retaining Poster Boyz for regular updating or handling all updates on your own.  Really!  


Graphic Design

Graphic Design  


We will give you a time estimate and quote based on the scope of your project.  Basic design for individual promotional products including flyers, posters, postcards and rack cards generally run 3 hours provided you supply us with images, photographs and logos formatted correctly for the design process. Basic design for business cards is usually 1 hour, again, provided that all design elements are provided to us in the correct format. Please keep in mind that if your logo graphic is not a vector art file we can convert it into a vector art file for you.  This will accumulate more time on our part.  We will provide you with 3 rounds of proofs on the initial design and tweak the design per your suggestions and requests.  You will not be charged for additional time unless we exceed the first three rounds of the proofing process.

​Logo Design


We begin by meeting with you to get a feel for you, your business and intentions for the use of your logo.  We will hand select your CMYK colors together to ensure continuity of style and color scheme across your branding materials. Once your logo is created and perfected it's all yours!  We will provide you with a digital vector art file in 3 to 4 different software formats which can be used across all of your promotional materials, print ads, website and signage. 

Complete Branding Suite 


Perfect for new businesses, businesses ready to step into the next level of success or businesses simply looking for a fresh, new makeover. We always start with you.  We will visit with you and brainstorm everything about your branding development.  We will spend time on location at your office or store to get a feel for the environment you've created and ensure that environment is seamlessly carried over into your logo design, your promo materials and your online presence.  We will also spend time talking about your clientele and or target audience so that we are certain to speak to them through your branding design.

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