(Pieces with cuts, folds or attachments add $25 to total)


Standard Campaign 
75 Pieces up to 8.5"x 11"


Oversized Campaign 


50 Pieces 

Pieces larger than 8.5"x 11".


Please note that oversized pieces have limited distribution numbers and can not exceed 11"x 17".

Postcard Stack Campaign


50 stacks of 25 pieces pre-bundled with rubber bands

Add an additional $2 per stack if you would like Poster Boyz to bundle (rubber band) the stacks for you. ($5 per stack total)

Concierge Listing


One-sheet press release issued to all our hotels

Postcard Stacks $3.50 per stack of 25

Add-on with any A'la Carte Campaign up to an additional 30 stacks


(Pieces with cuts, folds or attachments add $25 to total)

75 flyers,
50 postcard/rack card stacks 


50 oversized posters,

50 postcard/rack card stacks 


Concierge Premium 


Press release issued to all our hotels,

50 postcard/rack card stacks 

VIP Package $475


75 flyers (or 50 oversized posters),

50 postcard/rack card stacks, Concierge Listing 




  • Pieces with cuts, folds or attachments are extra.

  • Pieces larger than 8.5"x 11" are considered "Oversized Campaigns"and have limited distribution numbers.

  • For Postcard Stacks please bundle 25 per stack with rubber bands. Otherwise, we can rubber band the stacks for you for an additional $2 per stack.

  • Campaign Duration is TWO WEEKS for Standard, Oversized, Postcard Stack and Package campaigns


We will confirm pricing and drop off times via email.

Drop off your pieces no later than two weeks before your event!  


However, we will not accept dated event pieces more than a month before an event.

Drop off at:

3009 Calle Princesa Juana

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507


​Our office is open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Special arrangements can be made for Poster Boyz to come pick up your pieces for an additional fee.


You can pay by cash, check or credit card. Please make checks and money orders out to:
Poster Boyz.

We must receive payment in full before we can commence any campaign or process a print order.


Please note there will be a $30 fee on all returned checks.

To maintain our integrity within the community, Poster Boyz will not distribute pieces that are offensive, promote hatred or racism. Nor will we distribute for groups, organizations or individuals who are known for the above mentioned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.