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Casa de Tres Lunas

The charm, history, style and extraordinary hospitality of Santa Fe can be experienced by every guest who stays at Casa de Tres Lunas - House of Three Moons; a boutique Inn in the heart of the historic district of downtown Santa Fe.  Poster Boyz thoroughly enjoyed our marketing meeting with owner Melody Taft on the charming, courtyard patio off one of Casa de Tres Luna's exquisite suites.  Melody wanted to create a multipurpose piece which could do three things: thank loyal guests, invite new guests, and create awareness about Case de Tres Lunas in the tourism industry.  Initially she thought a rack card would be the answer, but through the creative process of identifying the function of the new piece, we decided a postcard would be the perfect solution.  A multipurpose piece has many functions, yet limited space. Therefore, rather than populating the piece with cumbersome text, Poster Boyz instead deferred to the motto "a picture tells a thousand words."  For the front of the card we selected a photograph of one of the inn's plush, inviting beds...furnished with traditional Santa Fe colored bedding.  

The right side panel is actually a decoratively painted wall inside the room, and the logo was situated prominently against the panel.  Thin, elegant white text was selected for the contact information.  On the back side of the card we used a brilliantly lit photograph of one of the inn's interior walls...slightly antiqued, which again conveys history matched with elegance.  For the right half of the card we simply inserted a blank field which can be used to attach an address label, or for a hand written thank you note.  By limiting informative text, the inviting nature of the card actually acts as a "call to action" piece by including the web site address on both sides.

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