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Carol Christianson Promo Pack

Carol Christianson, a licensed counselor and hypnotherapist, was ready to update her hodgepodge assortment of promotional materials when she came to us last year.  After visiting with Carol in our office and in hers, we were able to identify her goals: a streamlined set of promotional materials which conveyed information, yet also reflected her gentle, sunny personality and professional approach.  Her comfortable Santa Fe office is accented with flashes earthy green, so this informed our basic color pallet.  Carol is also a photographer, so we build a design around her beautiful images.  Carol's website URL is rather cumbersome, so we created a QR Code for the project as well, which quickly directs to her website.
While Carol possesses a humble manner, her credentials are quite substantial.  In our design, we refrained from using capitalization with her name, and reserved capital letters for her credentials.  The final pieces were printed on a heavy matte card stock, and we cut the business cards into a leaf shape as an extra subliminal message that "takes the edge off".  A nice touch that ties Carol’s practice, profession and approach with her promotional products.


The end result is this beautiful rack card / business card Promo Pack.

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