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A Step Back in Time Logo Design & Branding Suite

This Branding Suite for A Step Back In Time was created as a makeover for owner Glenna Bushe.  Her consignment store houses vintage clothing, jewelry as well as a vast array of collectables from eras gone by.  Glenna came to us wanting a "new", more consistent look for her stores image and promotional materials.  She wanted a design that suggested the Victorian era, but that also expressed who she was and the over all vibe of her shop.  
It's hard not to feel the sense of magic and wonder when exploring the many rooms of A Step Back in Time...the walls are painted in a wonderful deep pink, and everywhere you look there is something intriguing to see.  Glenna has a fabulous sense of display...many of the store's items are centered around lace boots and vintage women's shoes.   So naturally, we had to have a shoe incorporated into her logo!  We also pulled in the wall colors to accent her logo design. The resulting business cards and promo pieces, after all, need to fit in with the look and eclectic feel of the store.  In other words, her business cards need to look like they belong on the counter.  They need to make sense with the motif.  
 While the overall design has an edgy, hip feel, we also introduced "smudges", "scratches" and "grudge" across the font and layout to suggest an aged effect.  The result is a design that is contemporary and fresh even though we created vintage fonts and layout concepts.  

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