Diana D. James Branding Suite (Logo & Graphic Design, Website Design)

Step 1. Logo Design

Creating Diana's logo was a magical experience.  Rather than using her full name, I decided on working her initials into a mystical symbol that communicates the ancient trades she practices, while expressing her passion and energy. 

Step 2. Graphic Design

& Photography Enhancements

This was a huge job - sorting through decades old pictures Diana brought to me and deciding which ones we could use that would not only support the narrative of her website content, but also eye the shots that I could work into professional, hi-def images. 

Painstaking effort went into hand touching the pictures, removing water spots and age marks - and then enhancing color, contrast and sharpening each photograph.  Be sure to click on the images below to enlarge.

Step 3. Website Design

& Devopment

We had established Diana's color scheme and branding concept few years ago - when I designed a flyer for one of her retreats in Sedona.  [check it out]  So when it came time to design her website, we had a template from which to start.


The end result is a world class website that delivers functionality, ease of navigation and engaging content - bringing everything Diana has to offer to the world, as well as establishing her substantial background and decades long training in her crafts.


On Diana's "About Page", her songwriting & musical gifts are showcased.  Site visitors can stream and or purchase her original music.


Original Concept


Diana James came to us mid summer in a bit of urgency.  She was facilitating a luxurious spiritual retreat in Sedona Arizona over the Fall Equinox and everything was in place and perfectly orchestrated for her event except for one thing...the flyer that had been created for her was less than what she expected, and didn't match the quality or the feel of her mystical retreat.  (Not to mention, the piece was printed on cheap computer paper, with critical elements cut off)  "This looks too 'corporate', it just doesn't feel anything like me or convey what the retreat is all about," Diana explained. By the end of our consultation, we had talked about colors that resonate with her, imagery that captured the essence of the event, and of course critical information that needed to be included in the copy.  We started from scratch and decided a double sided flyer would be the perfect sollution...the front featuring a breath taking image of Cathedral Rock, the primary location of Diana's retreat...framed in purple and sand colored mist.  For the title text, a calligraphy script with a glittered texture was created to embody the sacred nature of the retreat.  The back side held all the vital content, set in torn papyrus style text boxes.  Because there was a lot of information to include, we created a layout designed to ease the flow of information in gentle progression.  The end result is a flyer that truly reflects the feel and quality of the retreat. We printed the flyers on a soft, light weight gloss paper...the perfect finishing touch. 

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