Santa Fe's trusted leader in guerrilla marketing & innovative graphic + web design since 2010

As the original founders of Poster Boyz, we are now operating as CitySwivel a boutique Concierge Service for small businesses & hospitality w/ self guided experiences + events

+ local rewards mobile application.

We no longer provide guerrilla marketing, poster/flyer distribution.

CitySwivel original programing

Catch edgy to inspiring original productions including


"On the Couch @ Bad Moon Apothecary"

CitySwivel EcoSystem Health & Wellbeing Partner delivers meditations & ancient practises to New Age quarantine fatigue.  

new episode every Wednesday

"The New Different: 2020 Vision"

Focusing on the ever changing story of Santa Fe, host & CitySwivel co-creator Daniel Link delivers innovative insights from locals every Friday night.

premiers July 17, 2020

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The new premium city guide app features 

hyper-local itinerary + experiences // citywide events // // attractions + locations near me map // exclusive rewards // all sorted by your interests

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